6 Reasons To Push Past ‘Ask-Out’ Nervousness by @DatingAdviceGrl

Mar 1, 2014

I recently met a guy who I would consider the ‘King of the Approach’. He doesn’t let his nervousness stop him from asking out someone he finds attractive. He told me that he gets past his nervousness because ‘the agony of coulda, woulda, shoulda is way worse than just asking a girl out’. I loved his ‘go-getter’ attitude and his ability to acknowledge his nervousness and still go after what he wants (and who he wants to approach). He’s got a great attitude and has dated some of the most interesting and beautiful women because he hasn’t let his fear of being rejected stop him from trying. Here are 6 reasons to let go of fear and push past your nervousness of asking someone out

6 Reasons to Push Past “Ask Out” Nervousness

1. You’re always going to be nervous, especially is you’re super attracted to someone, but fight through the nervousness of asking someone new out and do it anyway. You never know unless you try!


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