Be A Part of The #Dating Advice Girl Radio Show! We want to #interview #LA #singles Mon Jun 27 & Tues Jun 28!

NewRadioShowBanner2016Be A Part of The Dating Advice Girl Radio Show! We want to interview you Mon Jun 27 & Tues Jun 28!

Join me to start a conversation about dating but with the purpose of promoting inclusivity, acceptance, and understanding amongst various groups of people. This first round of interviews will focus on race and religion.

I’m currently looking for single people in the following groups and who are willing to share honestly and openly to do short interviews (group and/or individual) about their dating experiences and stereotypes about their race or religion when it comes to dating.

Looking to interview people in the following groups:

1st generation American (age 18-30)
1st generation American (age 30-50)
African-American men (all ages)
African-American women  (all ages)
White American men  (all ages)
White American women  (all ages)
Asian-American men  (all ages)
Asian-American women  (all ages)
Muslim-American men  (all ages)
Muslim-American women  (all ages)
Latino-American men  (all ages)
Latino-American women  (all ages)
Indian-American men (all ages)
Indian-American women (all ages)
Native American men (all ages)
Native American women (all ages)
Jewish American men (all ages)
Jewish American women (all ages)
Christians (all ages)
Atheists (all ages)
Jehovah’s Witnesses (all ages)
Buddhists (all ages)
Foreigners living in the US (from any country) (all ages)
Kids (high school students age 14-18)
College students (age 18-21)
College students (age 18-21)
Millennial women (age 21-35)
Millennial men (age 21-35)
Gen X men (age 36-59)
Gen X women (age 36-59)
Baby Boomers (age 60-75)
Octogenarians (80+)
Transgender people (all ages)

Each interview will take around 30 min. You will be asked a total of 10-15 questions about dating. These interviews will be on my radio show, The Dating Advice Girl Radio Show, on my YouTube Channel and social media pages, and it will be circulated on various other (social) media outlets as well.

You will be selected based on the info you submit to us. Please private message me or send email to with your name, age, contact info, a photo, your availability, the group(s) you’d like to represent in the interview, and why you’d like to be a part of this project. If selected to be a part of this project, you will be asked to come to our studio in the Hollywood/East Hollywood area for your on-camera interview Mon Jun 27, and Tues Jun 28 between 12p-6p. Each group interview will take 30 mins.

Feel free to ask family and friends to join you in your chosen interview group but please include them in your submission. Also please forward this to others you feel may be interested.

Thank you!
Erin ‘The Dating Advice Girl’