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The #Dating Advice Girl Radio Show REWIND! #Holiday Dating Tips


Dating Advice Girl REWIND!

EP.97-It’s the Holiday Dating Show! The holiday season is here! On this episode, I’m giving you tips for getting through this stressful time of year with a new love-interest including gift-giving tips, holiday date ideas, 3 rules for bringing a new love-interest home for the holidays, successfully keeping in touch with a love-interest who is away for the holidays, and more! LISTEN ON  ITUNESSTITCHER, OR PODOMATIC (PC-Friendly)


Joy to the world…the holidays are here! It’s a fun and festive time of year but can also be a challenging time for new couples. You are still getting to know each other and there are a lot of atypical things at play like unusual schedules, the stress of finding the perfect gift, and the potential of meeting a new love-interest’s friends and family. Here are some tips for surviving the holiday season if you’re in a new relationship or if you’re a single guy or gal.

Holiday Guidelines: Gift Giving

If you just started dating (1-3 dates) no gift is required though it would be a nice gesture.

If you’ve started seeing someone regularly (1-3 months), a small thoughtful gift, a nice dinner, or a date that’s a bit more elaborate than your normal dates is a good place to start. Don’t go overboard in terms of spending. Just offer a small gift to acknowledge them as someone special in your life. A nice dinner, concert tix, or something else that’s not the minimum effort, but not the maximum either. Plan or give something that is a step above your normal date.

If you and your love-interest are starting to get serious (3+ months), a weekend trip celebrating the holidays together is a nice holiday plan plus a small gift (something your love-interest mentioned they’d like) is perfect. At this point in your new relationship, an experiential gift is a great thing to share. Instead of just giving an item, you’ll be sharing an experience and creating a memory together.

Holiday Guidelines: Bringing a Love-Interest Home

a. Only bring a love-interest home with you if you are both okay with possibly taking your relationship to the next level. Inviting a love-interest home is you saying that you like where things are headed in your relationship and you want old friends and family to get to know your someone special. If you are not okay with this possibility, you might want to reconsider bringing your crush home.

b. Have a conversation with your love-interest in regards to what this trip means for both of you and the details associated with the trip. Though introducing a love-interest to family is a big deal for some, it’s less of a big deal for others. Talk about your family dynamic and what may or may not be expected by the two of you as well as the family you’ll be visiting. Will you be expected to sleep in separate rooms for example. Who’s paying for what? What titles are going to be used when introducing/being introduced to family and friends? Though sometimes awkward, it’s best to have these conversations before your trip home to avoid miscommunication and a potentially awkward, drama-filled holiday season.

c. Make sure to include your love-interest in all activities. Remember that he or she is on your turf, so it might be a little intimidating for them to meet all the most important people in your life. Do your best to keep an eye on your love-interest so he or she isn’t stuck in an intense political conversation with your hot-tempered cousin for example.

If either you or your love-interest are going to be in different cities during the holidays, listen up! Regular phone and text conversations are essential if you intend to keep your love-interest interested while one or both of you are away. It’s naive not to be in touch then expect to effortlessly pick up where you left off after possibly a month of not being together. Not talking to or seeing a love-interest for a few weeks can seem like months if you’ve only been dating your love-interest for a few weeks.

It’s important to touch base every so often, specifically anywhere from every few days to once a week. Remember, even though your love-interest knows that you are away visiting family for the holidays, it’s important to show your level of interest even though you’re away. A short call or text can be enough to keep your love-interest interested. If you mostly text with your love-interest, send a few ‘happy holidays’ texts to touch base. If you usually call each other, a quick call to say ‘hello’ is a great way to stay on your love-interest’s radar.

Depending on the length of time that you are out of touch with your love-interest, he or she may interpret your lack of calling or texting as a snub or lack of interest and consequently decide to move on with someone who is better at checking in. It’s easy to equate silence with disinterest even if that isn’t your intention.

Holiday Guidelines: For Singles

Go on a date! There’s a lot of fun holiday-themed things to do like ice skating, festival of lights showings, or even just watching your favorite holiday movies together. Less pressure than if you were dating someone seriously. You don’t have to stress about the other stuff that new couples are stressing about. If you go on a first (even a second or third) date with someone new over the holiday season, you’re main objective should be to simply get to know your crush. You can enjoy the perks of the holiday season without the stress of picking out the perfect gift, talking about relationship statuses/having the ‘what are we conversation’.

If you are adequately prepared, the holidays can be super fun rather than super stressful! Do what you can to have an amazing time with loved ones during the holiday season and do what you can to avoid misunderstandings, drama, and overall holiday unhappiness. Tis the season!

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Ep.133-Answering your holiday dating questions in the Dear Dating Advice Girl segment including how and when to ask someone out over the holidays, how to deal with being newly single during the holiday season, and more….

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Ep.98 of The Dating Advice Girl Radio Show NOW POSTED! #Holiday #Date Ideas in #LA


Ep.98-Giving you some of my fave holiday date ideas in LA this year including holiday lights at the LA Zoo, ice skating downtown and in Santa Monica, holiday cruises and more. Most are happening through the 1st of the new year. If you aren’t in LA, use these date ideas to find comparable holiday date ideas in your town. Happy Holidays! LISTEN IN ITUNES OR PODOMATIC (PC-Friendly)

If you’d like a quick reference, here’s the quick list:

$13 6pm now thru Jan 4th

After going dark in 2009, holiday lights return to Griffith Park—this time at the LA Zoo. Whereas the old DWP Holiday Lights brought motorists careening through the park’s windy roads, the zoo’s fest will find visitors trekking through the front half of the festively illuminated grounds on foot. Though most of the animals will be asleep, you will be able to see reindeer and sit for a photo with Santa. There’s a charming premise that ties everything together: A group of LED monkeys have comandeered a Christmas tree and the zoo’s power supply. The glowing “Animal Power” cord they’ve draped across the grounds electrifies everything from desert flora laced with lights to a purple, disco ball-filled forest. Standout displays include elephant statues animated with projection mapping, a twinkly light tunnel and “ZOOray for Hollywood,” a festive interpretation of LA landmarks. For better or worse, it’s a tasteful, sometimes understated display—there’s no snow or strobing lights, and the holiday music is sporadic—but LA Zoo Lights is sure to become an LA holiday staple. Tip: Buy your tickets in advance to avoid the worst of the entry lines. Also wear comfortable shoes; the lights only cover a fraction of the zoo grounds, but you’ll be shuffling slightly uphill for most of the way.

http://christmasparadeboats.com/newport_beach_christmas_boat_parade_20offer.html or call 949-675-0551

Dec 1-Jan 4

Newport Landing provides holiday cruises during the month of December to view bay front homes and ships fully decorated and ready for competition for the national recognized Newport Beach Christmas Boat Parade Of Lights and Ring Of Lights events. Holiday cruises are offered nightly from Dec 1 through Jan 4 excluding the 5 nights of the parade (Dec 17-Dec 21). Newport Landing’s holiday cruises offer all of the parade décor both in ships cruising through the bay in pre and post parade festivities and the many bay front estates and landscapes.

Until Jan 19, $15

Located just minutes from the Pacific Ocean, ICE in downtown Santa Monica (1324 5th St at Arizona) is a full-service 8,000-square-foot outdoor rink. Watch broomball games, take up skating lessons (there are even LA Kings hockey clinics for kids), or host a party at the rink and get your own private cabana. For $15, rent skates and strut your stuff on the ice alongside children and adults. No need to pack snacks, there’s a concession stand on site, serving hot cocoa and kid-friendly bites. For the little ones, visit the Tot Spot, an enclosed rink for 6 and under. The rink is open from early November through Martin Luther King Day. Check the website for operating hours at other times.

4. LA Kings Holiday Ice at Nokia Plaza LA Live
$30 until Dec 31

Skate around the dazzling Christmas tree that stands in the middle of this outdoor rink, and take in an LED holiday light show on the huge screens around the plaza. For the perfect date-night, book the Supper and Skating deal, which includes a prix-fixe dinner at a handful of LA Live restaurants, skate rentals and skating admission for only $30 per person.

5. Malibu Country Mart’s Annual Winter Wonderland
3835 Cross Creek Rd
Malibu, CA 90265
(310) 456-7300

The Malibu Country Mart is celebrating the holiday season in style by transforming into a literal winter wonderland. Complete with festive holiday decor, the premiere shopping destination off of the Pacific Coast Highway will be offering shoppers the chance to shop among a decorated Christmas tree, a menorah, and twinkling lights. In addition, every Saturday, Santa will make an appearance with live reindeer as shoppers get the chance to pose for photos. In addition, Victorian carolers will stroll through the Mart singing holiday favorites while kids get the chance to take part in holiday activities like stocking and dreidel decorating, homemade cookie decorating and face painting.



Santa´s Cottage, photos with Santa! 5% of all Santa´s Cottage photo sales will be donated to Children´s Hospital Los Angeles. Magical Snow Nightly Snow at 7pm and 8pm. Enjoy the merry melodies of holiday brass and other joyous music from Eddie Wakes and Jake Simpson! Plus, performances from the Top Hats every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 6:50pm and 7:50pm!



Carroll Ct & Eastern Canal Ct, Venice, CA 90291

Strung with lights, the classic arched bridges over the Venice canals look more romantic than ever. With the entire canal neighborhood decorated, it’s the perfect place to fete the season.