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Ep.152 of The #Dating Advice Girl Radio Show NOW POSTED! 2017 Dating Panel Interviews Group 1

Ep.152-The Dating Panel Interviews are back! This is the 1st episode of my dating panel interview series for 2017 where I’m interviewing singles and couples about their dating experiences in regards to their race, age, religion, sexual orientation, gender, and lifestyle.

The intention of these interviews is to start a productive conversation about dating and hear directly from different groups of people to get a better understanding of their unique experiences. The participants in this panel are very candid, honest, and open and shared some very personal, heartfelt and emotional experiences including online dating, porn, what makes someone commit and more. Please listen with compassion.

Thank you to this episode’s participants, Thibault, Rajiv, Ben, Juliette, and Harsha for sharing your personal stories with us and being a part of this series of interviews. LISTEN ON  ITUNESSTITCHER, OR PODOMATIC  (PC-Friendly)

View the video interview here! https://youtu.be/3TwjA8o9U7U

Ep.128 of The #Dating Advice Girl Radio Show NOW POSTED! 4 Signs That Your Crush is Losing Interest


Ep.128-Sometimes we need more than just our intuition…On this episode, I’m giving you 4 tips to tell if your new love-interest might be losing interest…and answering dating questions via periscope! LISTEN IN ITUNES OR PODOMATIC (PC-Friendly)

SW 4 Signs your crush is losing interest

If you’d like to read my article that inspired this show, click here!

Ep.129 of The Dating Advice Girl Radio Show NOW POSTED! Talking #dating with @MaddoxRules from The Biggest Problem In The Universe podcast


Ep.126-Talking about paying on a date, dating as a numbers game, and where all the awesome singles are with Maddox from wildly popular podcast ‘The Biggest Problem in the Universe.’ Also sharing a love story from a listener in a new segment showing how couples meet each other. Don’t lose hope singles, there are great single guys and girls out there! LISTEN IN ITUNES OR PODOMATIC (PC-Friendly)

Ep.121 of The #Dating Advice Girl Radio Show NOW POSTED! 7 Ways To Combat the #Single Blues

DAG Show

Ep.121-For those times when your single status is getting you down, here are 7 Ways To Combat the ‘Single Blues’….plus answering dating questions from singles via Periscope….LISTEN IN ITUNES OR PODOMATIC (PC-Friendly)

4 Last-Minute #ValentinesDay Date Ideas @PaintAndSipLA @VIPSocialEvents @RockClimbDaily

Still looking for something fun to do with a new love-interest or with friends? Here are a few fun Valentines Day event ideas. Some of these are ongoing so be sure to check them out after Valentines Day too! Happy VDay!! ❤


Paint & Sip Studio LA is a BYOB art studio that offers a fun and unique way to uncork your creativity. Enjoy your favorite glass of wine while re-creating a featured painting of the night. Paint, canvas and brushes are provided as an experienced local artist leads you step by step through the process of unleashing your inner Van Gogh. Look at our calendar for available dates and sign up for an unforgettable time of painting, sipping and socializing!




Save $10 per per person when booking 2 minimum Valentine Specials 2/8 thru 2/21. The dates are available under the main website link www.rockclimbeveryday.com. The special can be purchased any time before then but is only for classes within those dates. When you go Book Online, there is a search feature that allows you to pull dates desired and those show registration availability for the dates you choose. Happy Climbing!!




This Valentine’s evening Gala Performance of the Russian National Ballet brings together the many great works of Marius Petipa, such as Cinderella, Romeo & Juliet, and The Dying Swan, exquisitely danced in the timeless tradition of classical Russian ballet.

Celebrate this Valentine’s Day with a very special night out at Valley
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The Dating Advice Girl talks to costumed couples at Comic-Con 2014 in San Diego #SDCC

Love was all around at Comic-Con this year! Erin Tillman, The Dating Advice Girl, talks to costumed couples at Comic-Con 2014 in San Diego. The couple that cosplays together, stays together!


If you have a dating question for The Dating Advice Girl, send it to Erin@TheDatingAdviceGirl.com! A new dating question will be posted weekly.

Q. Dear Dating Advice Girl,

I love your show and had a question for you. I have been online dating and find that I am not too interested in one serious relationship mostly because I have been hurt in the past and want to take my time finding someone. I have gone on several dates and there are a few guys who I enjoy hanging out with but I am getting the feeling they are looking for something more. Each guy has different qualities and not sure how to determine which is a better fit for me. So how do I tell them I am not ready for serious yet without hurting their feelings but still get to go out and have fun with them?

A. There’s nothing wrong with seeing a few people in the early months of dating, especially before a commitment has been made, but it’s also important to do what you can to avoid leading on your love-interests. Keep seeing your suitors casually until they officially bring up potentially wanting to make things more official. You could preemptively bring up your desire to keep things casual, but if you do, make sure to keep the convo light while highlighting the positives…Be honest about the fact that you enjoy spending time with your potential love-interests and that you’d like to keep spending time with them, but that you would like to take things slow. Your love-interests will hopefully be on-board with what you are suggesting, but if they aren’t, they’ve just made your job easier by taking themselves out of the equation.

If your love-interest is ready to take things to the next level, and he’s into you, he will most likely hang in there for awhile to see if you change your mind about only being casual. Be prepared though that if he is ready for a commitment and he can see that you seem to be content with the casual nature of the relationship, he may decide to call it quits because you aren’t looking for the same thing. But remember, you should never feel pressured or rushed into exclusivity. Maybe at some point you’ll decide that you do want to be exclusive with one of your guys, but until then, continue to have fun, keep learning about yourself, and keep being honest you’re yourself and your love-interests.

It’s totally your choice to keep your options open when it comes to dating…in fact I encourage it in the early months so that you don’t commit yourself to someone before you’ve gathered enough info about them. There’s nothing worse than committing to someone before you’ve gotten to know who they really are and before you’re actually ready to commit.


Erin Tillman ‘The Dating Advice Girl’