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Ep.132 of The #Dating Advice Girl Show is POSTED! 6 #Holiday Dating Hacks For #Singles & New Couples @AppHitch


Ep.132-On this episode, I’m giving singles and new couples tips for surviving the holiday season including buying gifts that match your relationship status, deciding whether or not to bring a new crush to a holiday party, deciding if you’re ready to meet the parents, and more.

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Ep.123 of The #Dating Advice Girl Radio Show NOW POSTED! 4 tips for dating nervousness & #interracial dating


Ep.123-Giving you 4 tips for getting over nervousness before a date then answering some dating questions from our live periscope broadcast including a guy who has had some challenges dating someone of a different race…..LISTEN IN ITUNES OR PODOMATIC (PC-Friendly)

The Dating Advice Girl talks to costumed couples at Comic-Con 2014 in San Diego #SDCC

Love was all around at Comic-Con this year! Erin Tillman, The Dating Advice Girl, talks to costumed couples at Comic-Con 2014 in San Diego. The couple that cosplays together, stays together!


Q. Dear Dating Advice Girl,

In desperate need of advice. I was in a 2 yr long distance relationship that just ended. I am so brokenhearted, disappointed for not being able to move where he lives, since he expressed that from the beginning. This is the first time in my life that I feel I don’t want to go on. He introduced me to the Christian faith. And I grew to love him with all my might even when he doesn’t believe in falling in love . How can I let him go since is clear he is not the man I thought would end the rest of my life with?

A. There’s no easy answer for this one honestly. It’s always difficult when a new relationship ends unexpectedly, especially if you were making plans for the future, but time heals all wounds. Take some time to mourn the loss. Let yourself be angry or sad, just be cautious not to get stuck in the ‘mourning phase’ too long.
While you’re taking time to heal, surround yourself with friends and family. You have a new faith-based community! They will be a huge source of support.
Take this opportunity to reevaluate and focus on how you can generate more happiness in your life. What are your goals and dreams? Is there anything that you’ve always wanted to learn/do/accomplish? This could be the perfect time to tap into what will make you happy and what will feed your soul. Accomplishing new things is a great way to rebuild confidence.
This is a great time to look inward. Healing from your breakup will take time but being around positivity and support and crossing things off of your ‘dream To-Do list’ will help to speed up the process.
Good luck and hang in there!
Erin Tillman ‘The Dating Advice Girl’



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FEBRUARY 2014                                    

Happy Valentine’s Day!

(aka Singles Awareness Day) to all!! 🙂

Valentine’s Day is finally here! Whether you are single or taken, my hope is that you will enjoy the day with friends, family, or significant others. Customize my last-minute tips to celebrate and enjoy Valentine’s Day your way!

Hugs and love,

Erin Tillman ‘The Dating Advice Girl’ xo

Last Minute VDay Date Ideas

Here are my fave Valentine’s Day Events and Date ideas in and around Los Angeles this year for both couples and singles. Please note that some of all of these events require tickets or reservations. Go to event page for more info and/or to reserve your spot. If you are not in the Los Angeles area, use this as a guide to find similar fun Valentine’s Date Night ideas in your area….Read More

Last Minute VDay Gift Ideas

Still having trouble deciding what to that special guy or girl in your life? Here are my fave last-minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for 2014! They are in no particular order, just my fave (somewhat unconventional) edible, wearable, and shareable gift ideas for your Valentine who might be tired of the usual flowers and candy…Read More

The VDay Radio Show w/Exec Producer of ABC’s Modern Family Dan O’Shannon

If you need a good laugh this Valentine’s Day, check out Ep.74 of The Dating Advice Girl Radio Show where Emmy-winner and Exec Producer of Modern Family, Dan O’Shannon and I try out and talk about all of my fave Valentine’s Day gifts on the air…and answer your Valentine’s Day dating questions!

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Last-minute advice for an unstressful VDay

Why do we make Valentine’s Day so stressful? Sometimes we become so focused on finding the perfect ‘thing’ to impress that special someone that we forget that celebrating romance, having fun, and spreading love with loved ones should be the main focus of this heartfelt holiday. When you make romance, fun and love your focus, Valentine’s Day becomes way less stressful and date night options appear seemingly out of nowhere. Here are some tips for enjoying Valentine’s Day and eliminating the pressure attached to wooing that special someone… Read More

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