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4 Last-Minute #ValentinesDay Date Ideas @PaintAndSipLA @VIPSocialEvents @RockClimbDaily

Still looking for something fun to do with a new love-interest or with friends? Here are a few fun Valentines Day event ideas. Some of these are ongoing so be sure to check them out after Valentines Day too! Happy VDay!! ‚̧


Paint & Sip Studio LA is a BYOB art studio that offers a fun and unique way to uncork your creativity. Enjoy your favorite glass of wine while re-creating a featured painting of the night. Paint, canvas and brushes are provided as an experienced local artist leads you step by step through the process of unleashing your inner Van Gogh. Look at our calendar for available dates and sign up for an unforgettable time of painting, sipping and socializing!




Save $10 per per person when booking 2 minimum Valentine Specials 2/8 thru 2/21. The dates are available under the main website link www.rockclimbeveryday.com. The special can be purchased any time before then but is only for classes within those dates. When you go Book Online, there is a search feature that allows you to pull dates desired and those show registration availability for the dates you choose. Happy Climbing!!




This Valentine’s evening Gala Performance of the Russian National Ballet brings together the many great works of Marius Petipa, such as Cinderella, Romeo & Juliet, and The Dying Swan, exquisitely danced in the timeless tradition of classical Russian ballet.

Celebrate this Valentine’s Day with a very special night out at Valley
Performing Arts Center. Receive 2 tickets to Russian National Ballet Theatre plus two glasses of either wine, beer, or sparkling wine, and 4 heart-shaped, chocolate-dipped, shortbread cookies to share Рall this for the lovely price of $98. This sweet offer is only available by phone. Call the VPAC Ticket Office 818-677-3000 Tue РSat 10am Р4pm.


VDay 2015 Gift List Collage

Ep.104-It’s Valentine’s Week and it’s time to share with you my fave Valentine’s Day gifts (or anytime gifts) for 2015! From traditional gifts like candy and jewelry, to guitar lessons and a cookbook featuring shirtless dudes, there is something for everyone on this list. In no particular order, here are my faves for this year! Enjoy!….LISTEN IN¬†ITUNES¬†OR¬†PODOMATIC¬†(PC-Friendly)



VDay 2015 Gift List Collage

Ep.104-It’s Valentine’s Week and it’s time to share with you my fave Valentine’s Day gifts (or anytime gifts) for 2015! From traditional gifts like candy and jewelry, to guitar lessons and a cookbook featuring shirtless dudes, there is something for everyone on this list. In no particular order, here are my faves for this year! Enjoy!….LISTEN IN¬†ITUNES¬†OR¬†PODOMATIC¬†(PC-Friendly)

Entire list of gifts/products and their corresponding companies listed below!


http://robinchocolates.com/, Twitter @RobinChocolates, FB-RobinChocolates


Named one of the top 10 chocolate makers in North America by Dessert Professional magazine Рmakes artisan chocolates that are delicious and come in unique flavors.

The 12-piece chocolate hearts collection – the “12 of Hearts” – includes the¬†following flavors: Raspberry, Lavender, Chocolate Caramel Fleur de Sel, Mint¬†Chocolate Chip, Dulcey Blonde, Passionfruit Honey, Richardo’s Coffee¬†Caramel, Rose Caramel, Mimosa, White Ginger Rum, Port Wine Reduction, and¬†Rosemary Caramel.

The collection is available online (nationwide) for $27.50 before shipping and handling: http://robinchocolates.com/products/24


https://unboundbox.com, Twitter @UnboundBox, FB-UnboundGirls


Unbound¬†is a women run, quarterly erotic¬†subscription service based in New York City. Our mission is to provide a¬†friendly and approachable platform for product discovery in the erotic¬†space while empowering our subscribers to be more informed and confident in¬†their sexual pleasure. It’s a great way for women to explore their¬†curiosity with BDSM and the kinkier side of the sex toy market. We are¬†offering a singles box and a couples box this quarter in time for¬†Valentine’s Day!

Whether you’re a card carrying member of the perpetually single club or you’ve been boo’d up since the days of passing notes in school, every woman should have a sexual relationship with her body. The key to pleasure, isn’t another partner, it’s you. We’re so pleased to offer up, The Solo. A box that gives you everything you need to enjoy your body and inspire pleasure. The Solo box includes the¬†OhMiBod NaughtiBod 3.OH¬†(a vibrator that plays music),¬†Good Clean Love¬†(lubricant with no parabens, no glycerin, no silicon, no petrochemicals),¬†Dead Batteries¬†(a¬†Wisconsin-based battery company), and¬†Sustain Condoms.¬†And don’t forget to check out our¬†playlist¬†for The Solo as well. A great way to plug in, tune out and get off.

Every quarter’s Unbound Box includes 3-5 products, an informational card¬†and an online magazine that enhances the Unbound experience with helpful¬†how to’s, deeper product information, original erotica and themed¬†playlists. An Unbound subscription retails for $65 (plus shipping) and the¬†value of the boxes ranges from $75-100 per quarter. Use¬†code datingadvicegirl15 for 15% off!!


http://catemcnabbcosmetics.com, Twitter @CateMcNabb, FB-CateMcNabb


Cate McNabb is a line of mineral cosmetics that are paraben-free, cruelty-free, non-pore clogging and derived from natural ingredients. Uncompromising on color and coverage, this line is made for those who are ‚ÄúBold by Nature.‚Ä̬†Free of waterproof polymers, impurities and other agents, Cate McNabb Cosmetics is ideal for those with sensitive and/or acne-prone complexions.

You can’t go wrong with a classic red lip or a crisp, perfected liner. Whether you girl has a date with McDreamy or is spending the night out with you and your gals, you’re set with this classic Retro Red gift set. The Retro Red Gift Set comes with our All Pinned Up Lipstick, Black Gel Eyeliner, Eyeliner Brush, and Volumizing Mascara. http://www.catemcnabbcosmetics.com/product-category/collections/


http://www.campfireguitarlessons.com/, Twitter @CampfireGuitar, FB-CampfireGuitar


Campfire Guitar is the perfect gift for the man you love this Valentine’s¬†Day!¬†He will be able to serenade you
with a love song in no time!….very sexy!!

Did you know most men attempt to learn guitar 3.5 times in their life? Most¬†guys sit there struggling to learn with poor quality YouTube content. With¬†Campfire Guitar’s premium online lessons your man will learn how to play¬†all his favorite songs on guitar easily and quickly with just 1 hour of¬†high-quality content designed especially for beginners.

Our premium online lessons are under $50! For $49 your man will get unlimited access! He will learn to play his favorite songs from artists like the Beatles, Bob Marley, Ed Sheeran and Maroon 5.

And if your man needs an awesome guitar we also sell a beautiful
studio-quality acoustic guitar and unlimited lesson access for just $249.


https://doshapops.com, Twitter @DoshaPops, FB-DoshaPops


Dosha Pops are handmade lollipops with ingredients that support a healthier lifestyle based on your Ayurvedic dosha. We use herbal tea recipes that blend the flavors of different botanicals with the most highly regarded Ayurvedic spices Рsuch as turmeric, ginger, and cardamom to name a few Рresulting in a variety of herbal infusions that taste great!

We think that our Wishful Pinking lollipops are great Valentine’s Day gifts for everyone. They are made with pink rose petal tea, which is chock full of vitamin C! These yummy lollipops are sold in 6-packs for $15.¬†Dosha Pops will also be featured in the coveted 2015 Oscar Nominee Gift Bags!


www.genbamboo.com, Twitter @GENbamboo, FB-GENBamboo


These are perfect Valentine’s Day gifts this¬†year because there is a growing demand of consumers who are mindful of our¬†environment. Our watches are eco-friendly, as they are made from¬†sustainable bamboo that comes from managed forests (meaning our bamboo¬†source is replenished at the rate it is depleted). We also donate a¬†portion of our profits to the National Park Foundation and the National¬†Park Trust.


http://www.sendfuzz.com, Twitter @FuzzTherapy, FB-SendFuzz


Some things are meant to be kept close to your heart forever. Give a sweet gift this Valentine’s Day that they can snuggle, cherish, and enjoy for a lifetime! *Fuzz Therapy* is a super cute company that offers gift sets centered around a teddy bear. You start by going to www.sendfuzz.com and selecting one of *the *softest and plushest teddy bears you will ever find. Then add a gift set and personalized greeting card. Fuzz Therapy will package it all up in a gorgeous keepsake gift box and ship it directly to the recipient. Fuzz Therapy gift sets range from chewy gourmet caramels to signature Bear Necessi-Teas, a tender book and love quote cards, a lavender anti-stress ball, or the ultimate nap kit complete with a cozy blanket to
snuggle with. Prices start at $89. Check out Fuzz Therapy online at


http://www.beautiesltd.com, Twitter @BeauTiesGuy, FB-BeauTiesLtd

beau ties pic

Beau Ties Ltd. of Vermont is the premier source of silk bow ties, neck ties, menswear, accessories and more. Made in America, our handcrafted bow ties are available in a full range of styles and sizes: Freestyle (tie-it-yourself), Clip-on and Pre-Tied ties neck styles, as well as a full range of tie widths (standard, butterfly/jumbo, diamond-point, batwing and very slimline) and lengths (13.5-23.5 inches, and even shorter or longer custom sizes).


www.sloanemen.com, Twitter @SloaneMen, FB-SloaneMen


The age-old issue that millions of men continue to face, has now been beautifully solved. Inspired by the Bespoke Tailors of Sloane Street in London, Sloane Men’s Invisible Undershirt has successfully tackled the following six key problems: ‚ÄĘ Visibility through the over-shirt ‚ÄĘ Visible crew neck ‚ÄĘ Baggy/boxy fit ‚ÄĘ Uncomfortable material ‚ÄĘ Sleeves that are too long ‚ÄĘ Resorting to wearing a white sleeveless ‘wife-beater’.

Crafted from a unique fabric blend of Siro Micro Modal and Spandex to maximize comfort, the Invisible Undershirt is offered in three color options, Sand, Scotch, & Smoke, to match a variety of skin tones. It is designed to fit snugly without compression, is both breathable and lightweight with a slight stretch to prevent it from hanging loose after numerous washing cycles, and incorporates a longer length to ensure it stays tucked in all day without bunching above the belt line.


http://www.themoodsign.com, Twitter @TheMoodSign, FB-TheMoodSign


Valentine’s Day is all about expressing love and romance but it should not¬†stop that day. Many couples in a long term relationship want to communicate¬†their love and romance throughout year.

The Moodsign is a small non-descript device with two arms that can be lit up in different colors to signal your partner that you are in the mood for love. It is designed to increase the non verbal part of relationships which by itself constitutes 90% of all relationship communication. It provides also couples with an alternative way to initiate sex throughout the year that fits between being totally spontaneous and totally planned.

An optional spicy sex game can played with the Moodsign on Valentine’s Day¬†and beyond.


http://equalityvodka.com, Twitter @EqualityVodka, FB-EqualityVodka


The recently launched brand is an ultra-premium vodka with a simple agenda: Equality for all. For every bottle purchased, Equality Vodka will make a donation to a nonprofit organization recognized for advancing the equality movement for the LGBT community. Those who gift Equality to their loved ones are honoring the LGBT community and the fight towards equality for all.

Equality Vodka is an ultra-premium brand with a simple agenda: Equality for all. For every bottle purchased, Equality Vodka will make a donation to a nonprofit organization recognized for advancing the equality movement for the LGBT community. Using only the finest ingredients, Equality Vodka is made from top quality grain and specially filtered water. The 80-proof vodka is bottled and distilled in New York and goes through a multi-distillation process to ensure a smooth finish.


http://www.xxivkarat.com/, Twitter @XXIVKarat, FB-XXIVKarat


XXIV Karat is the first California sparkling wines with indulgent 24-karat gold flakes. Sourced from their vineyard in Mendocino, California and bottled in Lodi, XXIV Karat is the result of an exhilarating and exciting sparkling wine blended with multiple varietals, vintages and California Coastal appellations to assure the consistent quality of every bottle. True innovation sets XXIV Karat apart with its gold flakes that dances with the effervescence of bubbles, and an LED light that illuminates the bottle from within. XXIV Karat turns every occasion into a special one, reinforcing the
brand‚Äôs philosophy to Live Life All In‚ĄĘ.


http://www.dormify.com, Twitter @Dormify, FB-Dormify

DormifyPillow1 DormifyPillow2

Between shopping for cute Valentine’s Day gifts that are all about love and romance, to those that are a little more Anti-Valentine’s Day, or shopping Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him/Her, there is a lot to look for. We even have gifts for those that are showing themselves a little love this Valentine’s Day. No need to stress, we have made shopping for the best Valentine’s Day gifts a breeze! Check out their cool apartment furnishings. http://www.dormify.com/gifts-kits/valentines-day-gifts


http://www.mantraband.com, Twitter @MantraBand, FB-MantraBands


Live What You Love¬†Mantraband is a reminder to create a life you love, engage in relationships that you cherish, and do work you are passionate about. Because life is to be enjoyed, not endured. So, follow your dreams, embrace change…

Because positive thinking leads to a positive and happy life. That’s what we want for ourselves and everyone else on this planet.¬†We do this by promoting a lifestyle of optimism, positivity, and mindfulness. Mantraband bracelets are made to inspire.¬†They are the reminders to¬†choose happiness, to¬†live what you love¬†and to¬†be present in every moment.


http://thesisbeauty.com, Twitter @ThesisBeauty, FB-ThesisBeauty


For a special bonding time for couples, Thesis can offer amazing organic and vegan body scrubs Рin Chocolate and Coffee flavors.

Let’s face it, how often do guys treat themselves to a spa experience?¬†Hardly ever, because it maybe sounds like a girl thing to them. But they¬†will totally jump on board if the girl initiates a celebratory spa time and¬†the products are right ūüôā Our scrubs offer just that – indulgence for both,¬†with edibly organic ingredients and scents that are not too feminine, nor¬†too masculine to appeal to both partners. I mean, who doesn’t like coffee¬†or chocolate??http://thesisbeauty.com/coffee-organic-body-scrub-100.html¬†http://thesisbeauty.com/chocolatiers-gift-organic-body-scrub.html


http://www.savvysleepers.com, Twitter @SavvySleepers, FB-SavvySleepers


Luxury 100% pure Satin Pillowcases. They’re¬†ultra-smooth for hair & skin and perfect for couples because they are¬†anti-aging for men and women with a secret pocket for jewelry, love¬†notes, etc. ūüôā

Couples love them and they are a simple Valentine’s Gift to make the bed¬†more romantic and sexy.


http://www.sprinkles.com, Twitter @Sprinkles, FB-Sprinkles


Feeling pressure to find the perfect gift? Let Sprinkles deliver cupcakes¬†to the office and her coworkers will (enviously) declare you the Valentine’s¬†Day hero!

Newly single? Sprinkles has you covered, too.


Proposing? Take inspiration from a Cupcake ATM proposal or ask in the most irresistible way possible!

And finally, for those who tend to forget Valentine’s Day, get out of the¬†doghouse on February 15!




http://smartireach.com, Twitter @smartechrocks, FB-SmarTechRocks

Smart IReach Selfie Stick Pic

The Smart iReach is the next generation selfie stick. Learning from the mistakes of its competitors, the Smart iReach is made from tough-quality carbon fiber, is compact and extremely portable and no assembly or remote required.. The Smart iReach is ready to go right out of the box ‚Äď minus a quick charge to the battery.

The Smart iReach extends the reach of your arm so you can capture everything and everyone in your photo or video. It‚Äôs compact enough to fit in a purse, pocket or backpack, weighs less than a pound and comes equipped with Bluetooth technology that easily syncs up with your phone. Simply click the button on the stick‚Äôs handle and ‚ÄúSNAP!‚ÄĚ awesome picture taken. No apps to download, no extra remotes to carry. Everything is right there when you need it.


www.touchstonecrystal.com/chele, Twitter @CheleStanton FB-TouchstoneCrystalChele

TouchstoneCrystal3 TouchstoneCrystalsPic

Let Chele Stanton make your Valentine’s Day jewelry shopping a Breeze with Touchstone Crystal by SWAROVSKI!!! Why wander the malls for hours when you can order online, or contact her directly and get Gorgeous Sparkling Affordable Quality High End Jewelry delivered right to your door?!!! It’s Fun, Fast, and Easy… And our Sparkle is truly Out of this World… SPECTACULAR SWAROVSKI!!!

Place your order with me or online TODAY for Guaranteed Delivery by Valentine’s Day! Go to:¬†www.touchstonecrystal.com/chele¬†For online orders,¬†select “Chele Stanton” as your Host and “Valentine’s Sparkle” as your party!!!

Prices Between $16 to $299, 90 Day Money Back Guarantee, Lifetime Warranty


http://www.casetify.com, Twitter @Casetify, FB-Casetify


Casetify is a social design service based in Los Angeles & Hong Kong and is loved by celebrities like Lionel Messi, Jamie Oliver and Hilary Duff. Casetify turns your Instagram, Facebook and personal photos into custom cases for mobile phones and tablets. Casetify app is available on App Store and Google Play Store.


www.hatch.co, Twitter @HatchCo, FB-HatchHQ

HatchFingerprintNecklackePic HatchSignatureBraceletPic

Every product is made by people who care.¬†We’ve created a community of the best professional makers who can customize any product and have it made for you just the way you like it. (We were recently named one of Time Magazine’s Top 10 NYC Startups!).
Personalized Vday gifts ideas made by independent designer-makers including the Signature Handwriting Bracelet by Yvonne Grade and the Silver Fingerprint Heart Necklace by Kaleen Wolfe.

Welcome to Jumpin Jammerz home the original Adult Footed Pajama. Single handedly started the adult footed pajama movement, Adult Onesies, One-piece Feetie pajama craze over 16 years ago. Although seems like we are often imitated our Jumpin Jammerz brand has become a household name and synonymous with Footed Pajamas and onesie Pj’s worldwide. In 2011 Jumpin Jammerz was on the Ellen DeGeneres Show with Ryan Gosling where 450 Footed Onesies were gifted out. Ryan Gosling quoted: “They are Wildly comfortable” he ended up gifting Jumpin Jammerz to his whole family and entire Audience. In other words Jumpin Jammerz Footed pajamas make great gifts for that hard to shop for person.

We offer Batman Footed Pajamas, Spiderman Onesies, Iron Man adult onesies. You can even rock out in KISS Footed Pajamas as well our Tuxedo adult Onesie pajamas. Whatever your Onesie attitude is Jumpin Jammerz has you covered with over 250 styles of Footed Sleepwear. All made from cozy soft polar fleece and cotton.


www.babescott.com, Twitter @TheLazyHostess, FB-LazyHostess


Add some sizzle and spice to your romantic life this Valentine’s Day by making your sweetheart some delicious treats from the brand new cookbook *Man Candy and Cupcakes*. Babe Scott’s new book features 40 of the most seductive and mouth-watering cupcake recipes paired alongside 4 simply irresistible and shirtless, hunky bakers who really know how to heat things up in the kitchen.

Get down on one knee and pop the question with the Six-Carat Cupcake – it‚Äôs a delectable carrot cake recipe with an edible ring on top. Or tell your sweetie how much he means to you with the I‚Äôm Nuts for You cupcake with Reese‚Äôs peanut butter cups mixed in. For the lonely hearts this Valentine‚Äôs Day, don‚Äôt be sad, just indulge yourself with the Lonesome Cowboy Cupcake ‚Äď
this salted caramel cupcake is the perfect combination of salty and sweet. These recipes and so many more are featured in the book at www.babescott.com

Fiverr is offering affordable gifts this Valentines Day! Fiverr is an freelance online marketplace with Gigs starting at $5. This year they have set up two web pages dedicated to Valentines Day gifts for both women and men. Everything starts at $5!
 For The Gals
With Valentine¬Ļs Day and the highly anticipated premiere of 50 Shades of¬†Grey fast approaching, we¬Ļd love for you to consider sexy apparel and¬†costumes by¬†3WISHES.com¬†for any stories you might be¬†working on. There¬Ļs even a collection of pieces inspired by the movie ¬≠ now¬†it¬Ļs your turn to be Anastasia Steele!
Check them out:
Retro Bliss, Red Butterfly, Lacy Allure

And, who said costumes are just for Halloween? Spice things up in the bedroom anytime with 3WISHES lingerie and costumes ­ all perfect for acting out fantasies! 3WISHES has more than 10,000 products not sold anywhere else. The best part is everything can be ordered as late as the day before and still arrive in time!


Southfork Bottling Company and Warner Bros. created the bourbon to pay tribute to one of the most beloved characters in television history, played by the late Larry Hagman. J.R. Ewing had a taste for the best in life and his namesake bourbon is the perfect gift for a man with discerning tastes.J.R. Ewing Bourbon is a partnership between Warner Bros. Consumer Products and Warner Bros. Television Group, in collaboration with Southfork Bottling Company. Distilled in the heart of Kentucky’s bourbon country, the 4-year-old, 80-proof light amber-colored bourbon is distributed in 35 states with plans for full national distribution by September 2015. Plans for international distribution are already underway as well. The brand is marketed to distributors around the United States by Prairie Creek Beverages, a national wine and spirits marketing company, and internationally by Melchers Group, a producer and exporter based in The Netherlands.
Whether a girl is single or has been newly coupled, a fun and exciting gift for Valentine’s Day is an excursion to nearby Pechanga Resort & Casino. It’s kind of like having Vegas in Southern California… only it’s only a little more than an hour away and you don’t have to deal with traffic.
Single girls can treat themselves to a pampering spa experience – massage, manicures, pedicures, haircuts/style, lounging by the pool, plus checking out the nightlife – a rooftop nightclub, live music, etc. The resort has a large, luxury hotel and the group can go wine tasting in the nearby wine country the next day.Couples can try their luck in the casino (largest in the state), take in a concert or comedy show, have a romantic dinner (11 restaurants on site), get a room for the weekend, visit the spa, go wine tasting and a lot more.
A delicious treat from Harvard Sweet Boutique is the perfect gift for the ones you love this Valentine’s Day! This all-natural, gourmet bakery offers fresh, made-from-scratch goodies with *zero* artificial flavors and only the finest ingredients. Harvard Sweet Boutique even carries gluten-free and low-carb treats! Packages start as low as $11 and can be bought online and shipped anywhere in the U.S. for Valentine’s Day gifting made easy!All products arrive in gorgeous, whimsical boxes that can be customized from the wrapping to the goodies that go inside. Check out some of our Valentine’s Day favorites, Boston Marathon Cookies benefitting Boston Children’s Hospital (a heart-shaped gift that gives back), Anti-Valentine’s Day Cookies, Manly Brownie Sampler, Sweetheart Shortbread Hearts, and the Queen of Hearts Deluxe Tower
The Strawberry Liquid, Warming Liquid and X Silicone Liquid are particularly popular, sexy and affordable Valentine’s Day gifts and can be seen at this fun landing page inspired by a certain kinky new movie:¬†http://www.astroglide.com/find-your-shade/#2
Happy Valentines Day!!!! xoxo
TDAG ūüôā

Ep.103 of The #Dating Advice Radio Show is NOW POSTED! #ValentinesDay Tips for #Singles & New Couples









Ep.103-Valentines Day/Singles Awareness Day is almost here! On this episode, I’m giving singles suggestions of how to enjoy the day both alone and with a crush, plus I’m giving you tips for planning a fun date or buying an appropriate gift for that new potential love/crush in your life…LISTEN IN¬†ITUNES¬†OR¬†PODOMATIC¬†(PC-Friendly)








If you‚Äôd prefer to read my ‚ÄėValentines Day Survival Guide‚Äô article, check it out on online dating site¬†The SW Experts

Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas 2014

In no particular order, here are my fave Valentine‚Äôs Day Gift Ideas for 2014! They are in no particular order, just my fave (somewhat unconventional) gift ideas for your Valentine who might be tired of the usual flowers and candy. Check out Ep.74 of The Dating Advice Girl Radio Show, the Valentine’s Day Gift episode where Exec Producer of ABC’s Modern Family, Dan O’Shannon and I¬†try out and talk about all of these gifts on the air!¬†Happy Valentine‚Äôs Day!

Listen on iTunes                   https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/dating-advice-girl-radio-show/id493762933?mt=2

Listen on Podomatic http://thedatingadvicegirl.podomatic.com/entry/2014-02-10T01_51_04-08_00

For the bacon lovers….

1. Bacon Freak


Twitter @BaconToday 

Gourmet Bacon make a great Valentine’s Day gift!

Our gourmet bacon and bacon gift bundles are excellent gifts for men and women. And if the way to a man‚Äôs heart is through his stomach, then bacon is THE best gift to give this Valentine‚Äôs Day! We sell 36 varieties of gourmet bacon, and Valentine‚Äôs Day-themed bacon gift bundles. We also have many bacon confections for those with a bacon sweet tooth, and fun t-shirt designs like ‚ÄúYou Had Me At Bacon‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúHe Loves Me More Than Bacon‚ÄĚ for those who like to display their love of bacon to the world. We are an online bacon superstore located in Ventura County, which means your SoCal listeners will receive their bacon goodies quickly. Use code BFMEATCANDY to get 10% off

Bacon of the Month Club: http://www.baconfreak.com/bacon-of-the-month-clubs.html Valentine’s Day Bundles: http://www.baconfreak.com/valentine-s-day-baskets.html

Bacon Candies: http://www.baconfreak.com/bacon-candy.html.

Bacon Confections: http://www.baconfreak.com/bacon-sweets-and-snacks.html

Bacon apparel: http://www.baconfreak.com/bacon-clothing-shop-by-design.html

For your well-groomed Valentine….



Twitter @TheMotley

Instagram: The Motley


The Motley is an online destination for superior men’s grooming products. We carry a mix of the biggest brands in men’s grooming with small, niche brands, and all products are tested and approved by our team before entering the store. We have the pop up shop at 8366 1/2 West 3rd St until Feb. 16th, so our LA-based customers can come smell and sample products in person. Also good to note, online orders ship from LA, so local orders usually receive their packages within 1-2 days.

Just in time for Valentine‚Äôs Day,¬†we’re excited to introduce¬†The Motley x Tie The Knot candle.

The 100% coconut wax and vegetable wax blend candle features notes of sandalwood, balsam, leather, wood smoke and orange¬†flower. Available for pre-order,¬†the candle will retail for $34 with all profits going to Tie The Knot. All candle orders will be shipped for delivery before Valentine’s Day.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with The Motley for this project! Tie The Knot is all about fighting for equality and looking damn¬†good while doing it, so it‚Äôs only natural that we work with a company that has the same goals.”

– Tie the Knot founders, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita.

Also, there’s The Motley Cologne Trio which is a miniature set of all three of our signature colognes for $45. Atlas is a spicy musk with notes of cedar, leather, oak moss, cardamom and cloves. Bergamo is light and citrusy with notes of saltwater, lime, tomato stem and juniper. Oud is dark and woody with notes of leather, black¬†agar wood¬†and bourbon vanilla. Each bottle is 5ml. Also full sizes are available for $45 each and the tins for those can be personalized with the recipient’s name for online orders.

Visit The Motley Pop Up Space at 8366 1/2 W 3rd St between Sweetzer and Orlando. Hours: Mon-Fri 12-6pm and Sat.-Sun. 11am-6pm.

Or order online at www.themotley.com. Free shipping on orders over $50. Complimentary samples in every order.

For cozy and comfy lovers…..

3. Jumpin Jammerz


Twitter @JumpinJammerz

Instagram: JumpinJammerz

The #1 rated original footed pajamas for adults. For Valentines Day ‚Ä®couples order by‚Ä®the thousands matching footed pajamas. They are not only adorable and ‚Ä®fun, but the coziest most plush pajama‚Ä®you will ever wear. Couples can cuddle in front of the fire with their ‚Ä®Jammerz, or take that romantic ski vacay and stay warm.‚Ä®‚Ä®Ryan Gosling ordered for his family then loved them so much‚Ä®wore them on The Ellen Show! Mackelmore features the batman footed pj’s in his Thrift Shop video.‚Ä®Gene Simmons wore them on his reality show, then did a licensing deal for KISS Jammerz.

For the cheeky guys out there (and their ladies)… 

4. Wood Underwear


Twitter @woodunderwear

Instagram: woodunderwear

Wood underwear fits just right, looks good and are so soft you won’t even¬†notice they’re holding your goods. Offering clean simple design and¬†collegiate inspired colors, Wood premium products are the underwear men¬†never knew they needed. Wood’s premium underwear is made from the most¬†comfortable fabric blend available and actually contain wood aka modal from¬†beech trees. Wood strives to be approachable and accessible because we¬†believe that your body is not a billboard and not all men buy underwear¬†because of a label. Wood Underwear enhances your power and offers you the¬†comfort to do all you want to while you look good doing it. When it comes¬†to men’s underwear, Wood has you covered. Wood is good.

For that Valentine who has never grown out of their love for LEGO….

5. LEGO Watch System


Twitter: @legowatches


The brand’s first ever collection of adult watches — allows you to build unique, personalized watches through interchangeable links, straps and bezels. Featuring iconic LEGO dial artwork and in official brand colors, the watches are available in both analogue and digital styles. Pasted below are some product images perfect for Valentine’s Day. View the full collection here: http://adult.legowatches.com/

For your Valentine’s sweet tooth…

6. eCreamery


Twitter @eCreamery

Instagram: eCreamery

Facebook: eCreamery

Custom-made, personalized ice cream, gelato or fat free/ dairy free sorbet in flavors that you can create on eCreamery.com. Choose from over 40 flavors and 30 mix-ins! Even personalize your title and packaging! You can order personalized pints, gallons or party packs. Create personal messages on each pint.

eCreamery has great packages, as well as a funny Anti Valentine’s Day sampler with the following flavors:

“Glad I Didn’t Send Flowers?”-Chocolate with Chocolate Chunks

“Cupid’s Comfort”-Strawberry Ice Cream

“Love Bites”-Cookies & Cream

“Single is Sweeter”-Mint Chip

Here is a link to the Valentine’s Day collections


For your rugged Valentine… 


‚ÄėExciting soaps for adventurous people‚Äô


Twitter @OutlawSoaps


Our “Wild Life Set” is a perfect gift for men. It’s got Leather, Campfire,¬†and Whiskey soaps, ideal for the sexiest man you know (caution: it’ll make¬†him sexier)http://outlawsoaps.com/product/wild-life-campfire-leather-coffee/

Our “I need something for my lady friend” set is appropriately titled. It¬†includes Fresh laundry, orange grove, and lavender for the feminine yet¬†inspiring woman you know:¬†http://outlawsoaps.com/product/need-something-lady-friend-collection/

Or of course, we have the very popular Outlaw’s Breakfast, which includes a¬†camping cup, a piece of bacon soap (yes, bacon soap), and either coffee or¬†whiskey soap:¬†http://outlawsoaps.com/product/the-outlaws-breakfast-whiskey-coffee-soap-bacon-soap-and-a-metal-cup/

For your Valentine who enjoys a classy cocktail while relaxing at home…



Twitter @HomemadeGin


For your Valentines Day story, how about a kit to make gin at home?Includes a special blend of spices, botanicals, and flowers, a tin full of juniper berries, two Italian glass bottles, a double mesh fine strainer, and a funnel so that people can make gin at home. Complete with a red ribbon adorning the box, the kit makes a lovely, one-of-a-kind gift. There is nothing else like this on the market.

For the serious Valentines ready to take the next step….

9. Paparazzi Proposals

Twitter @ProposalPics

Instagram: ProposalPics


Do you ever experience a very special moment in life and try to replay the memory in your head over and over again? That intimate moment between a couple seems to happen in a blink of an eye and after it all you both just remember it as a memory. Well, Paparazzi Proposals has answered many prayers around the nation. Paparazzi Proposals offers an engagement package deal that is adapted and tailored to fit your perfect proposal. A discreet photographer will be located and ready to shoot and capture this special moment in every major city in the U.S. Also included in the package is a thirty-minute consultation for a run through of the whole engagement scenario. At Paparazzi Proposals you can also Rent-A-Paparazzi for Bachelor parties, girl’s lunches or even just a day in the city and feel like a star! Paparazzi Proposals’ goal is to record the most meaningful moments in your life…and your partner will thank us that you did! So far not a single NO, watch our “100 YESES” video here: http://youtu.be/G7bYWZzX8lY

For the stylish Valentines……

10. Cut By Wesley


Twitter @WesleyNeckwear

Instagram: WesleyNeckwear

Wesley Neckwear was inspired by a desire to demonstrate personality, creativity and independence. Our neckwear has a completely original style, handcrafted from limited batches of vintage fabric, making each tie part of an original and unique collection. By using these select fabrics you gain exclusivity while also being eco-friendly. That’s called a win-win, or double awesome. Fabric and materials for our ties are purchased, cut and sewn in Los Angeles, California by fair wage manufacturers. So go ahead, get tied up. Our neckwear guarantees to turn heads…and change hearts.

For your sexy Valentine’s night…

11. Good Clean Love


Twitter @goodcleanlove

INSTAGRAM: @goodcleanlove

Good Clean Love is a woman-owned company that offers all-natural and organic love products including body candies, love oils, and personal lubricants that will enhance your ability to enjoy the passionate side of life and also offers educational resources to provide the insight to see your relationships with new and loving eyes. Good Clean Love products are made with all-natural and organic ingredients that look and smell good- products you and your partner will enjoy immensely.


All natural, healthy and beautiful products to inspire the lover in all of us

Sexual health resources.

All of our love products are petrochemical and paraben free, petro-chemical free, cruelty-free, organic, and vegan

For the music and photography lovers….

12. Capturing Couture


Twitter @capturingcoutur

INSTAGRAM: capturingcouture

Fashion Accessories for Photographers and Musicians

Our Camera Straps and Accessories are the perfect marriage of *fashion & function*, using only the finest materials, custom made trims and highly functional hardware.  Our product line is proudly Made in USA and embodies the highest standards of quality, now including Guitar Straps, Camera Straps, and Camera Bags.  Our detailed designs are infused with luxe materials, bold and playful color, and premium hardware that beg to be noticed.

For the eclectic jewelry lover…

13. Andrea Bocchio


Twitter @bocchiojewelry

INSTAGRAM: andreabocchiojewelry

Brooklyn-based Peruvian designer Andrea Bocchio is storming the market with her jewelry collection. Her merger of traditional knitting and crocheting with bold, cool accents set her apart from the competition. With handpicked textiles, leathers and yarns from Peru, Bocchio creates a detail oriented, clean, cohesive collection with a strong element of surprise.

For the full figured beauties…. 




Instagram: HipsAndCurves

Hips & Curves features amazing lingerie, apparel and beauty gifts for women size 12+ – we’ve got a staff of helpful lingerie consultants to help men (or women) select the perfect gift, quick shipping & great prices. Our entire aim is to provide fabulous, sexy plus size lingerie that celebrates the beauty and sensuality of fuller figures. And because we focus exclusively on plus sizes, our fantastic selection of lingerie provides just the right amount of support, enhancement – and oomph! Never again will you find yourself squeezing into a corset that was designed with a smaller busted girl in mind.

For the coffee-lovers…..

15. NESCAFE Dolce Gusto Fiorucci Machine


Designed by iconic Italian label Fiorucci, the stylish, single-serve Fiorucci Dolce Gusto Genio machine includes espresso technology and was crafted with love – literally- featuring the words “LOVE IS THE MESSAGE” on one side, and a pop art image of a man and woman intertwined in a passionate kiss on the other. Like all machines in the NESCAF√Č Dolce Gusto collection, the new limited edition Genio machine has 15 bars of pressure – comparable to those used professionally at coffee shops – and 16 different hot and cold gourmet beverage options.

Using only 100% Arabica coffee beans, NESCAF√Ȭģ Dolce Gusto brews 17 different hot and cold beverage varieties, so you can enjoy multiple flavor options and seasonal offerings. From a classic Americano to a sophisticated Espresso, to a fat free Skinny Cappuccino and refreshing Peach Iced Tea, NESCAF√Č Dolce Gusto has a beverage to satisfy every desire.

Available for a limited time through select retailers and at www.amazon.com and www.dolce-gusto.us

For active guys who want to play…

16. MyPakage


Twitter @MyPakage


MyPakage is the first thing you put on in the morning. It makes you feel great and gives you permission to play. By sharing our stories and creating opportunities to have fun, we are encouraging people to join our way of life. We sponsor and create events, we sponsor athletes across various sports, and we get involved in local communities any opportunity that we can. Change your game.

Permission to Play: A day on the slopes, an afternoon on the lake, watching the game with friends, wrestling with the kids, a great scotch and cigar with the boys ‚Äď think of your own version. There are certain people, environments, and activities that, when we engage with them, we feel we have permission to let loose, relax and really be ourselves. Life is never better.

17. Creme Caramel LA

14849 Burbank Blvd, Sherman Oaks, CA


Twitter @CremeCaramelLA

Instagram: Creme_Caramel_LA

This independently owned dessert shop takes the classic desserts like cr√®me caramel and bread pudding and boosting it with other flavors for you to enjoy. ¬†They make custards: sweet, savory, and even vegan and have some really fun Valentine’s Day treats!

Stop by their shop in Sherman Oaks, one of our farmers’s market locations, pop-up events, or check out our friends that carry our desserts.  Check out their FB page for up to date news.  And guess what?? They take online orders.  Delivery 7 days a week in Los Angeles and Orange Counties.  Just give them 24 hours notice and they’ll have their eats in your belly.

Valentine’s Day, The Unstressful Way

Singles Warehouse Articles Happy Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day, The Unstressful Way

by Erin Tillman ‘The Dating Advice Girl’

Posted 2/1/14

Why do we make Valentine‚Äôs Day so stressful? Sometimes we become so focused on finding the perfect ‚Äėthing‚Äô to impress that special someone that we forget that celebrating romance, having fun, and spreading love with loved ones should be the main focus of this heartfelt holiday. When you make romance, fun and love your focus, Valentine‚Äôs Day becomes way less stressful and¬†date¬†night options appear seemingly out of nowhere. Here are some tips for enjoying Valentine‚Äôs Day and eliminating the pressure attached to wooing that special someone‚ĶMORE

Top 2014 Valentine’s Day Events in Los Angeles

Here are my fave Valentine’s Day Events and Date ideas in and around Los Angeles this year for both couples and singles. Please note that some of all of these events require tickets or reservations. Go to event page for more info and/or to reserve your spot. If you are not in the Los Angeles area, use this as a guide to find similar fun Valentine’s Date Night ideas in your area. Happy Valentine’s Day!

1.   2 for 1 ♥ Valentine ♥

Rock Climb Every Day, LLC

(818) 570-0481

Saturday, February 8, 2014 from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM (PST)

Los Angeles, CA


In celebration and to make sure you and your special someone have a terrific Valentine, we are offering 2 for 1 deals on our 4-Hour Rock Climbing Classes for two weekends only in February; 2/8, 2/9, 2/15, & 2/16.  So grab that special person this Valentine’s and give them the gift they will never forget!


2.   Big Sunday’s 2nd Annual Valentine-making, Bingo-playing Community Dinner

Sunday, February 9, 2014

4:00 PM to 7:00 PM (PST) Los Angeles, CA

Join Big Sunday as people from all walks of life come together on February 9 from 4 – 7 pm to enjoy one another while making valentines for people‚ÄĒseniors, shut-ins, and other folks‚ÄĒwho could use a bit of TLC on Valentine‚Äôs Day. We‚Äôll also celebrate with a huge bingo game (with prizes, of course!) and a fun community dinner. The event will be held at Big Sunday headquarters – 6111 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90038. All ages are welcome, and it‚Äôs free for all. To get involved, contact ¬†rob@bigsunday.org.



3.   YogaBlend Valentine’s Day Couples Workshop

Friday, Feb 14, 2014

6:30-8:30p, Burbank

Looking for something to do with your partner this Valentine’s Day that is unique, fun and cost-effective? Come join Christy and Jason for this intimate couples workshop that will explore breath-work, partner poses and thai massage. No experience is necessary.


4.¬†¬† SEVEN: Valentine’s Temptation

An Interactive Pole Dance Soiree

Supperclub Los Angeles

6675 Hollywood Boulevard 
Los Angeles, CA 90028

Wednesday, February 12, 2014 at 7:00 PM (PST)


Vice or Virtue? Enter a new world where everything is. The visual is vertical but the experience is horizontal. Inhibitions are checked at the door and prejudice is a distant memory. The audience becomes the performer and the performer becomes the spectator. Or vice versa. When the line between good and bad is blurred, where will you stand…or lay. Presenting SEVEN.


5.¬†¬† Four Course Valentine’s Day Dinner with Wine Pairings for Two

Sonoma Wine Garden, Santa Monica, CA

Friday, February 14, 2014

5:30 PM to 11:00 PM (PST)




When you sip a glass of full-bodied wine, you can’t help but imagine wandering amongst the rolling hills and lush grape trellises of Sonoma. Delight in the relaxed ambiance of the outdoor patio, complete with comfy couches and lush greenery, as this deal transports you to the heart of Wine Country:

‚ÄĘ $99 ($150 value) for a four-course dinner with wine pairings for two‚Ä®‚ÄĘ Build the perfect four-course meal from the chef’s tasting menu‚Ä®‚ÄĘ Reservations are guaranteed on Valentine’s Day (2.14.14), please call the reservationist at 424.214.4560 to arrange. Reservation times are first come, first serve.

Your meal begins with a soup, salad, or small plate — each paired with an appropriate wine. Next, indulge in a Margherita or Diavolo pizza, which is served with an ice-cold beer for each person, after which your choice of veggie, meat, or seafood entr√©e will be served with another glass of wine each. Finish on a sweet note with a Valentine’s dessert, and you’re sure to leave with an appetite that’s every bit as satisfied as your smile.

6. ¬† ¬† Howl at the Moon Hollywood¬†invites you to our annual….

LOVE SUX BASH!¬†Hollywood’s Anti-Valentines Day Party

Friday, February 14, 2014

6:00 PM – Saturday, February 15, 2014 at 2:00 AM (PST)

Howl At the Moon Hollywood

1000 Universal Studios Boulevard 
Universal City, CA 91608

This is THE night to be single! Rock out with your friends at the wildest Anti-Valentines Day Party in Hollywood! Dueling pianos, drink specials, and Love Sux games with $500 of cash prizes!

RSVP here for 2-4-1 admission

Want to win a Love Sux happy hour party for you and up to 100 friends? Click HERE!

7.¬†¬†¬† LOVE & LUST 2014¬†‚̧¬†Valentines Day COSTUME BALL ¬† ¬†¬†(Mega UV-glow WHITE PARTY)


Friday, February 14, 2014 at 10:00 PM – Saturday, February 15, 2014 at 3:00 AM (PST)

Los Angeles, CA


Calling all Angels, Cupids, Kings & Queens of Hearts, Dawn your wings and feathers, draw back and target those hearts and launch those wicked arrows… FEB 14TH WE WELCOME YOUR LOVE & LUST!

ILLUMINATE those emotions & dance amongst¬†4000 watts of Blacklite, Fire-Performances & Theme Decorations! Create your unique Valentines Day Costume Expression. Stand-out by wearing WHITE & GLOW Wildly or¬†Dress Seductively in Sexy REDS… or use your creativity & combine both. Themed suits, gowns & kinkywear, from wings to hearts… No Costume too extreme or too revealing will be out-of-place at Perish’s LOVE & LUST the areas only 4TH ANNUAL VALENTINES COSTUME BALL for not just LOVERS & COUPLES, But also for the Areas Most LUSTFUL Playground for our Single Creatures‚ô•



PDA Aphrodisiac Cuisine & Catering

10149 Riverside Dr. 
Toluca Lake, CA 91602

Friday, February 14, 2014

7:00 PM to 11:30 PM (PST)


Embark on a romantic journey this Valentine’s Day with a 17 course aphrodisiac tasting designed to enhance your performance and heighten the senses.  Utilizing all natural ingredients, Chef Jeff Torin of PDA Aphrodisiac Cuisine has created a dining experience guaranteed to make this Valentine’s Eve a night to remember.

You may view the menu & event information at http://www.pdacatering.com.

Ticket includes dinner for two and one cocktail/glass of wine for each guest.

9.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† UNMENTIONABLES: an intimate speakeasy for Valentine’s


Thursday, February 13, 2014

8:30 PM to 10:30 PM (PST)

Victory Variety Hour, in conjunction with Greta Grenade & Mercury Troy, present UNMENTIONABLES.

This Valentine‚Äôs, VVH brings you a new variation on the speakeasy with our ‚Äúsoft opening‚ÄĚ of UNMENTIONABLES. This intimate salon of art, performance, music, literature, cuisine, and sex will leave you begging for more. Interested in all the naughty bits we can‚Äôt show you at regular burlesque shows? Unmentionables isn‚Äôt afraid to expose it all and show off as we mix all our favorite things into this one night event.

Tickets are $45 or $70 for two, available for purchase HERE. A selection of amuse bouche and a signature cocktail or champagne punch are included in the price of admission.

10.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Power 106’s Valentine’s Crush

Featuring Miguel, Big Sean, Ciara, Jason Derulo, Sean Paul & More

Friday, Feb 14, 2014

7:30PM, Doors at 6:30PM

Nokia Theatre L.A. LIVE

777 Chick Hearn Court

Los Angeles, CA 90015

11.      Cupid’s Undie Run


Feb 15, 2014

Party starts at 12:00pm , run time is 2:00pm , then back for more fun until 4:00pm .

The Abbey 
692 N Robertson Blvd West Hollywood, CA 90069

This Valentine’s Day weekend, come put the hilarity in charity with hundreds of half-naked runners taking to the streets in celebration of their fundraising for the Children’s Tumor Foundation.

Be a part of something great. Last year Cupid’s raised over $1.3 Million to end NF and we’re relying on YOU to join and make this year’s fundraising (and party) the biggest and best yet.

Start a team, join a team, or just run solo and make some new friends! 

12.      Sex and the City Zoo 2014

Saturday, February, 8  2014

Reception: 5 – 6pm, Lecture: 6 – 7pm, Optional dinner follows lecture‚Ä® at Witherbee Auditorium


Have a wild Valentine‚Äôs Day at the Zoo with a provocative ‚Äúbirds and bees‚ÄĚ presentation that celebrates animal mating, dating, and cohabitating. Festivities include wine, decadent refreshments, and (for an additional fee) an intimate three-course dinner (optional) at Reggie‚Äôs Bistro.

This event is for adults ages 21 and older.

The heart of the evening opens with a performance by recording artist, musician and entertainer Whitney Hall. Following the musical performance, guests are entertained with a provocative presentation about animal mating, dating and cohabitating by Michael Dee, former Los Angeles Zoo general curator, who offers insights about relationships in the animal kingdom.

‚ÄúSex and the City Zoo‚ÄĚ concludes with an intimate four-course dinner (for an additional fee) at Reggie‚Äôs Bistro inside the Zoo.

Click here to learn more!

13.¬†¬†¬† Valentine’s Day at LA Athletic Club Downtown

Friday, February 14, 2014

6:30 PM

Celebrate with loved ones and enjoy Lindsay Benner’s “Book of Love” vaudeville show. Lindsay is a virtuoso entertainer with a twinkle in her eye and a heart of gold. A timeless act that will take you on a journey of love. She has charmed the magic world’s elite at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. Lindsay is described as “what you would get if Lucille Ball and Charlie Chaplin had a love child”. Enjoy a 4 – course dinner, followed by the performance and live music with dancing.

Lindsay’s performances showcase her wide variety of skills, which range from acting to physical comedy to juggling. But her greatest skill of all is that rare ability to connect with her audience and bring them the joy and wonder of the present moment.

RSVP (213) 630-5255

14.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Valentine’s Day 2014 at the Edison: ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†The Queen of Hearts Ball

The Edison‚Ä®, 108 West 2nd Street‚Ä®, Los Angeles, CA 90012

February 14, 2014

7:00 pm


On Valentine’s Day in February, love birds step into a world of classic romance at the annual Valentine’s Day at the Edison. Held each year at the Edison in Los Angeles, Valentine’s Day at the Edison features live music, champagne, and culinary delights inspired by Valentine’s Day.

With drink specials and delicious dishes, there’s something for all sorts of love birds and romantics at this Valentine’s Day celebration. Past featured performers include The Francesca Vannucci Band and DJ Jonny Abrahams. 

15.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Valentine’s Day Weekend at El Cid

Friday, February 14, 2014

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm

El Cid

4212 Sunset Blvd

Silverlake, CA 90029


El Cid presents three shows each night with two shows of world-class Flamenco Dinner Theater, complete with four-course pre-fixe dinner, including a vegan option! It also includes a special valentine’s mini-craft cocktail in an edible chocolate cup made from Stoli Vodka and Laura Ann’s Jam and a split of Cava to share, and a special midnight risqué burlesque show with Victory Variety Hour featuring Penny Starr, Jr.! Visit http://www.elcidla.com/valentines-day-2014/ for details and call 323-668-0318 for tickets and reservations!

Call 323-668-0318 for tickets and reservations.

16.       Host Your Own Singles Wine Tasting Event

Invite your singles friends and host your own singles wine tasting event! Learn about different wine varieties and sample new wines while mingling with other singles. Wine supplied by www.vinovie.com

For more info contact MiShawn Williams at 323-522-5450

17.       Hunt and Match РA VIP Singles Mixer     See Event Flyer >


Friday, February 14, 2014

10:00 PM – 11:30 PM

V Lounge –¬†2020 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90403

Hunt and Match: A VIP Networking Party for 20 and 30 year¬†old singles! Sexy networking, cupid meets opportunity. ¬†Meet up to 150 People in One Night!¬†Join us for an exciting new game of “Chance”. A fun new way to get to know a lot of people, playing a great new interactive game.¬†¬†Think of this as a really fun scavenger hunt that will take place inside a bar or lounge, while mingling and networking!¬†Mingle, Network, Meet Someone Special and Win Prizes!