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“Erin is wonderful – flexible scheduling, sound advice, positive motivation. Will definitely work with her again!!”

-Female phone client 

“Thank you so much Dating Advice Girl! Outstanding service!! You went above and beyond my expectations. Guys this is the real deal. She has the ability to make you feel like a pro even if you are starting out. By the end of her session, you will be armed with a very clear step by step action plan.”

-Male online client 

“Very friendly and down to earth provider. Her advice was practical and helpful. I recommend her services.”

-Male online client in Canada

“This is not just some amateur, its a conversation with a published author & popular radio host here in LA. I wasnt even sure what I was looking for & 15 min later I started seeing some purpose to my dating & new ideas on where to meet people!” 

Male online client in LA

“Thank you so much Dating Advice Girl! You went above and beyond my expectations. Guys, she is the real deal! She has the ability to make you feel like a pro even if you’re new to dating. By the end of her session, you will be armed with a very clear step by step Action plan…”

-Male client in LA

“Erin is genuine and relatable. She gave objective and practical advice tailored to my situation which I was able to apply immediately. I feel a sense of relief that my issue wasn’t as bad as I thought. Thank you so much!”

-Female client in LA

My Goal

It’s my goal to empower singles and help you to start enjoying the dating process! No matter what your dating, relationship, or social life goals are, I’m here to help get you where you want to be and help your get rid of what you feel is holding you back from enjoying the dating process. For more information and to book a session, send email to or call 818-458-9968

What I Can Do For You

Need a fun date idea for your date this weekend? Need a pre-date pep talk? Want to try online dating but not sure what to say on your profile? Want to go on a practice date and find out exactly what you are doing right/wrong? Looking to shake up your social life and need help broadening your social circles? Based on your needs, I will give you real steps to put into action immediately to start changing your dating life for the better through the following packages…..

Dating Advice Coaching Packages

The Social Skills Crash Course -Would you like to lessen your nervousness when interacting with others, especially the opposite sex? In this session I will give you real tips for improving your interpersonal skills including reading body language cues, techniques for avoiding conflict, and more…$200/hr

The Online Dating Starter Package -Are you nervous about entering the world of online dating? Need help setting up an online dating profile that highlights your strengths? Don’t know where to begin in terms of choosing the right online dating site for you? In this session I will help you select the best online dating site or app for you based on your needs and set up a winning online dating profile including photos, bio, general profile info and overall tone to help you with your reentry into the world of dating….$100/hr

The First Date Package-Are you nervous about an upcoming first date? This session is for singles who want to get over first date nervousness and/or need help planning a knock-your-socks-off first date with someone special. The First Date package includes help with first date ideas and topics of conversation, a pre-date pep talk and post-date followup tips and much more…$100/hr

The Practice Date Experience-Have you been on several first dates but rarely have 2nd or 3rd dates? In this session, you will have the option of going on a 1-on-1 date night experience with The Dating Advice Girl compete with on-the-spot individualized feedback to help improve your date night convo, etiquette, and flirting skills that you can apply to upcoming dates….$300/hr

The Alt-Lifestyle Package– Are you struggling to meet like-minded singles who share your non-mainstream interests? Are you looking for information about dating in a non-traditional setting or seeking partners who live an alternative lifestyle? By selecting this package, I can help you choose the right resources that best suit your dating objectives including dating sites, events, and more…$100/hr

*All coaching packages have the option of ongoing sessions. Skype sessions also available.

*For more info or to book a dating coaching package, email us at

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