Erin ‘The Dating Advice Girl’ has appeared and/or consulted with several media outlets, dating apps, and publications such as Lifetime Network, Buzzfeed, Elle Magazine, the Chicago Tribune, The Guardian UK, Men’s Health Magazine, ABC7 Los Angeles, WDTN2 Dayton, and more!

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My goal as a coach and consultant is to provide support and guidance related to relationships, empowerment, self-improvement, personal development, and boundary setting with an emphasis on consent and respect. I coach my clients to make intentional decisions that can help to attract fulfilling consensual connections and interactions with family, friends, colleagues and potential partners.

Coaching Sessions

My dating coaching sessions are specific to each client’s needs and relationship goals but every session includes an boosting the client’s confidence session, a ‘who are you/what do you want’ brainstorm, and general dos and don’ts for navigating through the dating process. Here are some examples of how we can craft your session…

1. Online dating/dating app coaching …I can give you some tips for maximizing the online dating/dating app experience including helping you choose site(s) that best fit your needs then walk you through the process of how to weed through potential dates and spot red flags in profiles and messages.

2. Empowerment/confidence coaching: a ‘who are you’ identity session, and general dos and donts for navigating through the dating process. For you, I’d give suggestions based on your prior dating/relationship history, your current dating/relationship goals, and give you an action plan with new strategies and ideas that might help you feel more at ease in the dating process.

3. General social coaching: There’s a lot of fun things to do in and around LA, and a lot of interesting people participating in these activities. I can give you an action plan to hone in on your favorite interests/activities that will be fun for you, but also potentially great social opportunities!

Coaching and Consulting Topics

  • Consent Crash Course: Knowing Your Boundaries And Respecting The Boundaries of Others
  • Consent in Hollywood: Learning the ‘New Rules’ in the #MeToo Era
  • Cosplay & Consent: Creating a Safe Con Environment
  • Creating A Safe, Inclusive, And Diverse Environment In Your Workplace, School, Or Organization
  • Dating Safety on Campus: Creating Consensual Interactions In All Areas Of Life
  • Online Dating/Dating App Tips For Minimizing Awkwardness


“Erin is wonderful – flexible scheduling, sound advice, positive motivation. Will definitely work with her again!!”

-Female phone client

“Thank you so much Dating Advice Girl! Outstanding service!! You went above and beyond my expectations. Guys this is the real deal. She has the ability to make you feel like a pro even if you are starting out. By the end of her session, you will be armed with a very clear step by step action plan.”

-Male online client

“Very friendly and down to earth provider. Her advice was practical and helpful. I recommend her services.”

-Male online client in Canada

“This is not just some amateur, its a conversation with a published author & popular radio host here in LA. I wasnt even sure what I was looking for & 15 min later I started seeing some purpose to my dating & new ideas on where to meet people!”

-Male online client in LA

“Thank you so much Dating Advice Girl! You went above and beyond my expectations. Guys, she is the real deal! She has the ability to make you feel like a pro even if you’re new to dating. By the end of her session, you will be armed with a very clear step by step Action plan…”

-Male client in LA

“Erin is genuine and relatable. She gave objective and practical advice tailored to my situation which I was able to apply immediately. I feel a sense of relief that my issue wasn’t as bad as I thought. Thank you so much!”

-Female client in LA

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