the consent guidebook

A Practical Approach to Consensual, Respectful, and Enthusiastic Interactions

By Erin Tillman

The Consent Guidebook provides a practical, easy-to-follow framework that offers practical advice for establishing boundaries and respecting the boundaries of others, complete with illustrations of consensual and non-consensual scenarios. Over 30 Sex Educators, Health Professionals, HR Managers, Civil Rights Leaders, and Thought-Leaders have contributed their own consent advice, stories, and ‘aha’ moments to this book to offer a variety of perspectives. Topics covered include: The Basics of Boundaries, Digital Consent, The Assumption of Consent and the Pop Culture Connection, How To Have Productive Consent Conversations, and Holding Others Accountable, Enthusiastic Consent with Sex, Survivor Support, and more.

Together, through consent-based education, we can find solutions that will lead to more respectful interpersonal interactions, and ultimately lead to the betterment of society. For more information, go to

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