Erin has participated as a panel moderator, panelist, speaker and/or workshop facilitator at East LA College, Cal State Northridge, Inver Hills University, and more. She is currently available for college & university speaking engagements including orientations, guest lectures, expert panels, and group discussions!

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  • Consent Crash Course: Knowing Your Boundaries And Respecting The Boundaries of Others
  • Consent, Hollywood, Pop Culture, and the #MeToo movement
  • Cosplay & Consent: Creating a Safe Con Environment
  • Creating A Safe, Inclusive, And Diverse Environment In Your Workplace, School, Or Organization
  • Dating Safety on Campus: Creating Consensual Interactions In All Areas Of Life
  • Online Dating/Dating App Tips For Success In All Lifestyles

View The Dating Advice Girl’s College Speaking Press Kit  (PDF)

Watch student journalists at Cal State Northridge interview Erin and other panelists about dating on the campus tv show CSun On Point!