Erin has been a panel moderator, panelist, speaker and/or workshop facilitator at the BIL Conference in LA, CatalystCon in LA, ClexaCon in Las Vegas, ConvergeCon in Vancouver, Ohayocon in Columbus, the Sexual Health Expo in LA, and the Sex Expo in NYC.


  • Consent, Hollywood, Pop Culture, and the #MeToo movement
  • Cosplay & Consent: Creating a Safe Con Environment
  • Intimacy Coordination: Choreography, Creativity, Collaboration 
  • Online Dating/Dating App Tips for Minimizing Awkwardness
  • The Business of Sex Education: Navigating Enthusiasm & Stigma in the Industry
  • Speed Connecting/Friending
  • Writing Your First Book (self-publishing vs. traditional publishing)



“Having Erin Tillman as an ambassador at Ohayocon for topics like dating, harassment, and consent illustrated to our community that we care about all its members and their needs. Being a survivor of sexual assault myself, I truly felt that Erin was knowledgeable in her field and guided the conversation(s) in a way that would be respectful and informative for everyone involved. Conventions are supposed to be fun and lighthearted; her presentations are the louder-than-the-phrase-”cosplay-is-not-consent” action that reassures us our concerns are being taken seriously—no matter what we’re wearing—so we can all have fun. Our community has a long way to go, but having Erin at “nerdy” events where there are people who need both education and support is an excellent vehicle for change!”

-Trickssi (Cosplayer Survivor Support Network)



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